Why You Should Choose Freelance Translators Over Translation Agencies
Benefits of working with a freelance translator

If you need English-to-Azerbaijani translation services, hiring an agency could be the first thing on your mind. Unfortunately, paying all that money to an agency doesn't necessarily mean you receive better work in return.

Agencies generally run on volume. They need a large number of customers to cover all their overhead. Their ideal client is one who simply submits their copy, takes their English-Azeri translation, and moves on, so they can quickly do the same.
Don't expect to speak with your translator, much less see their credentials. If you're not happy with their first draft, you'll need to go through a middleman to have any revisions done. To keep their turnaround times tight, agencies can't allow their translators to slow down by letting them speak with clients.

On the other hand, you can talk with a freelance translator before you even hire them. You can ask to see their resume and even a publications list to ensure they're a good fit for your particular needs. Before initiating the project, you can even review it with them to make certain they understand your unique goals. There's far less chance of requiring revisions later on.

If confidentiality is a requirement, a freelancer is ideal because it means only one other person ever seeing your copy. Despite these added benefits, you won't pay more for freelance English-Azerbaijani translation services. Unlike big agencies, these individuals simply don't have to pay for the same kind of overhead.

If you want your work done right the first time and for a lot less, a freelance translator is the best possible choice.
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